One local summer-week 1

I was feeling the need to do a little frying this week. So I fired up the cast iron skillet and here is what came of it.

We had fried zucchini (Farmer’s market)snipshot_e4e1w0rs0p3.jpg

Fried potatoes (Farmer’s market)

Fried cauliflower (Farmer’s Market)

Black raspberries (Farmer’s Market) (I’m sensing a pattern here…)

These were all fried in lard from a pig from Rehberg Pastured Pork (32 miles, roughly)

Eggs for the batter were from the Farmer’s Market

Milk in the batter was from Farmer’s All Natural Dairy.

Not local: Flour in batter was King Arthur Flour, salt, seasoning salt, pepper.


2 responses to “One local summer-week 1

  1. But did you fry your raspberries, Matt? šŸ˜‰

  2. No picture, but breakfast yesterday was local eggs & pork patties along with cantaloupe from our farm.

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