This is the only roundup I use…

ExPat Chef had this story on her blog today.  I’ve since seen it floating around other places…

Ali had this interesting post today over at her spot.  Sometimes Dad’s who are the cook feel that way too Ali.  But, as my wife says to people, “We can clean the house when the kids are older and they don’t want to hang out with us.  So shut up about the way the house looks.”  Or something like that.

This site has an interesting sweet potato recipe on it.  Most of the ingrediants aren’t local, but it might still be worth a try sometime.  I came across this site when I followed a link from Mitch Major’s site.  At least the articles all say “by Mitch Major”, I have no idea if that’s the moniker they are using online or what.

 Lately when I’ve been making bread I’ve been using this recipe right here.  (scroll down for the molasses wheat bread recipe)  We are really enjoying it.  I use honey in it and I flipped the ratio of wheat/white flour mix around, but it turns out well everytime and it bakes well in a loaf pan and also just rolled into a ball. 



2 responses to “Roundup

  1. Thanks for the link! I am definitely going to try the wheat bread recipe. We love molasses. I also have yeast that is specifically for wheat flours to help them rise more, so I will test that out!

  2. You might want to be careful the first time you try it. It calls for two packets of yeast, and when I’ve let it rise it has climbed out of the bowl like it was coming after me. Just a warning…

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