Dang, it appears as though my most vigorous pumpkin plant has borers.  I cut it back pretty hard tonight to see if I can save some of it at least.

I wasn’t even sure what was growing was a pumpkin plant until I read this article, which handily enough had info about borers too.

I cut it and cut it but never did find a grub.  Just the signs of little holes along the vines and some gross brown stuff inside.

I didn’t even plant this thing, it volunteered there.  I shouldn’t be that upset about it, really, but it was the best one and it had a ton of fruit on it already.

Stupid nature.  You better stay away from the rest of my squash and zucchini if you know what’s good for you!


P.S.  Working in the garden in the evenings is a bad idea.  I think I would itch less if I had fallen into a poison ivy bush.


2 responses to “Borers!

  1. Ditto on the itchiness. I recently moved into my girlfriend’s place and her house is shaded by large, old trees and the only viable garden area is small, so I got a community garden spot this year. It’s only convienient for me to go to the community garden spot after work, where I must contend with grass, gnats and other flying menaces. My legs itch for the rest of the night, even if I shower immediately after I get home. Ever hear of Tec Nu? It’s a product specifically to poison ivy/oak oils from your skin but it also works for general itchiness. I can read most of the ingredients, so it isn’t chemical laden.

  2. opps, the second to last sentace on my first post should read: “It’s a product specifically to REMOVE poison ivy/oak oils from your skin but it also works for general itchiness. “I forgot to include the remove part.

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