Local meal-week 3

I had an enjoyable local meal this week. Well, the food was good but getting the kids up to the table was a little bit of a challenge.

So many people in the challenge have been using Epicurious for recipes and that made me curious so I curiously searched their website looking for recipes that featured green beans and squash. This is what I found.  Are you curious what I found?

Smothered squash with basil and Green Beans braised with Tomatoes and Basil. I also made mashed potatoes and we had bread and butter.


The green beans, potatoes, basil and garlic were from my garden. The patty pan squash, onion, tomato and strawberry-rhubarb jam were from the farmer’s market. The bread was from the local bakery at the grocery store.  (I ran out of time to make bread this week.  Tomorrow for sure)

Not local featured cooking oil, salt, pepper, Cavender’s greek seasoning, grape jelly and this time, the butter and milk. I also used a can of vegetable broth instead of water, mostly to get the pre canned junk out of my storage space.

Both the green beans and the squash were super excellent. I liked the beans the best; my wife liked the squash the best. Superb! My littlest guy had three helpings of beans!  And the older one had two!

I will definitely be making these dishes again.  They really didn’t take that much time.  It was probably 45 minutes from first prep in the kitchen (water for potatoes) to chow time.

Maybe not a 30 minute meal, but darn fast!



9 responses to “Local meal-week 3

  1. The squash and the beans look wonderful! I’ve got a fridge full of beans and zucchini, I think I know what I’m going to do with some of them!

  2. I think Cavendars should be exempt from the “local” category since it IS the GREATEST seasoning EVER invented.
    Brother Ben

  3. Thanks for this recipe. I am getting inundated with summer squash from my CSA share and was looking for recipes to use. The old stir fry standby recipe was getting old!

  4. Have you ever made zucchini bread? We really like it around here. Another way to get some more veg. in your diet with something really good. It is also good to put in carrot cake. A friend of mine in Michigan used to take an flour slices of them an called them cookies for her kids. Alot to do with zucchini.

  5. The green beans look divine. Looked the recipe up and will try it soon.

  6. The beans were amazing. Definitely give the recipe a try.

    Dan–You should make zucchini bread. It’s very tasty and easy to make. And you can make it and toss it in the freezer to enjoy this winter. (I know this recipe is in the Betty Crocker cookbook)

    Also, you can broil the zucchini with some S&P, Parmesan cheese and a little butter. It’s really good and fairly quick to make.

  7. Hey Matt,
    looks yummy. I love green beans: next week!
    Sorry I was a bit late posting my OLS third meal, but we had it this evening and I just blogged it. Just wanted to let you know in case I can still get into the weekly update.

  8. I heart Epicurious. Some of my most-used recipes have been gleaned from there–it’s so nice to be able to search for recipes that use the ingredients you have! Last year around this time, when I needed a non-sweet use for a bumper crop of blackberries, I found the blackberry barbecue ribs and they changed my life. 🙂

    Another fave: sushi roll rice salad.

  9. Jamie-You must be better at that site than me. I couldn’t figure out how to list the ingredients I wanted to try and see what dishes popped up. I’ll keep plugging away at it.

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