Planning for the winter

Last night while I was cooking a bolognese sauce to have with our pasta I was struck by a lightening bolt.

I could make this sauce in the winter with very little summer time preparation. You see, I’ve been dreading the idea of slaving over the store cooking down tomatoes making sauce next month so we would have pasta sauce this winter.

But my recipe for bolagnese sauce calls for ingredients that I should have on hand in storage. The recipe calls for carrots, celery and onions, which I should have in storage, along with a can of stewed tomatoes. Well, I should be able to can up some chopped or whole tomatoes to use in the recipe. This should be much easier to do than to make up an actual sauce and can it up when it’s 100 degrees in August. It’s kind of geeky, but I’m actually excited for this because the sauce is so good and we’ll be able to enjoy it throughout the winter. Yeah!

If you want more info about preserving foods for the winter you should check out this post by Sharon. It’s very informative. You should read it even though it is very long. She has motivated me to dehydrate more of our food for this winter rather than canning it. I was only partially through my first round of canning up some chicken broth when I realized how energy (and water) intensive canning is. We’ll be focusing on storing and drying foods as much as we can.

Along the canning lines, my mother in law found canning jars at the local resale store for me. She was able to get 60 jars. The highest price she paid was 15 cents. Most were 10 cents. I would call that a good score!  Sweetness!

Take advantage of the abundance available now to put some food up for the winter.  You can try it out by starting with just a few things.


4 responses to “Planning for the winter

  1. I agree that Sharon’s post was great and is pushing me to look at dehydration as a supplement to the canning. Even though it’s water intensive, I’m just learning canning and don’t want to give up on it entirely. Yesterday’s watermelon rind pickling though made me wonder.

    That’s an awesome price on the jars! I’m seeing them for quite a bit more – sometimes rivalling retail. 😦

    Care to share your bolagnese sauce recipe?

  2. I would be happy to share the recipe. I’ll write it up in the near future. It’s from my good housekeeping cookbook so I can’t claim ownership of it.


  3. Matt, why would you EVER need another 60 jars. did you take back the 50 or so that you bought at Lowe’s? just reuse the empty jars, you do realize you can do that don’t you? hahhaa

  4. The jars from Menard’s are going back now that we got these used ones.

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