Local meal–week 4


My local meal this week was a vegetable fritatta, cantaloupe, fried potatoes, pork sausage, and rhubarb bread.

The fritatta has garlic and a carrot from my garden. Broccoli, onions and eggs from the market. I just remembered I covered it with cheese that wasn’t local this time. Oops! I sauted the onion and garlic in a little lard from the pig we purchased. Salt and pepper not local.

The pork sausage came from a pig we purchased from a farmer a while back. It’s via the freezer but the farmer lives about 30 miles away.

Cantaloupe is from the Muscatine, IA area, about 60 miles.

Potatoes are from my garden and lard also from same pig. Salt and pepper not local.

Rhubarb bread contained a mix of local and non-local ingredients. The milk, eggs and rhubarb were local (rhubarb from my patch, still going strong). The flour is King Arthur flour still, although I just ordered some from my more local source.

I had been talking so much at work lately about fritattas that someone asked me how to cook one the other day. Spreading the word!

This week I also made up a ratatouille, but it wasn’t such a hit. I think it might just not be something for us. I followed the recipe I linked to above, but I do think I was supposed to peel the veggies first. They got soft but the skins didn’t! We did keep the leftovers to cook into some pasta sauce though. Don’t want them to go to waste!


4 responses to “Local meal–week 4

  1. Muscatine melons, yum. My fruit stand guy is from the Muscatine area but will not be gettilng melons from there since they are going in from the Missoure bottoms now. DARN!!

    The rhubarb bread sounds very interesting. Had my beets last night and boy did they taste good. Really did not want to throw the water away but also did not want to make the Beet Jelly even tho it sounded good. No it does not tast like beets.

  2. The ratatouille is nice mixed with rice, too. I’ve also blended up the ratatouille and used it as a bruschetta-like spread on bread. I never peel my veggies, either, by the way. If you microwave them a bit before you bake them, you can get them softer.

  3. you’d think that with a pixar instant classic on the market, ratatouille would be a no brainer!

  4. I’ve never managed to concoct a ratatouille we really like. I seem to try it again once every summer, though.

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