Monday roundup

We spent some time this weekend putting some food up, as they say.  With the help of my in-laws and their quick shucking we were able to put up 10 lbs of corn.  My original plan was to dehydrate the corn, but the kernels were too small for the holes in the tray on the dehydrator, so we ended up freezing it.

We used the dehydrator to dry some carrots, celery and green beans.  I’m not sure what I think about dehydrating the food.  We’re going to keep at it and see how things turn out. 

Apples are starting to come in!  Yum-O!

Tried another good bread recipe this weekend.  More to come on that one.  I want to try it a few more times, and I think it deserves it’s own post.

I need to post a picture of the back garden area.  It’s so full of tomatoes, sweet potatoes and squash plants I’m kind of afraid to venture back there.  I cleaned up and cleared some space in the past few days for the fall plantings.  I had already done some lettuce, radishes, broccoli and mesclun mix.  Now I’ll put in some more carrots (hopefully I’ll still have time??) and more lettuce and broccoli.  I got some brussel sprouts to try and also some green onions.  Plus I’ll need to get the compost crops in soon too.


I took my little one to the market with me Saturday morning.  He was able to finagle a free apple from the apple guy to snack on while shopping, and a free farmer’s market coloring book from another lady.  He wasn’t able to get me a free egg roll though from the egg roll people.  Those people are made of steel!  See an example picture to the right of what he looks like when he’s working his magic.


7 responses to “Monday roundup

  1. oh the power of cute little ones.

  2. It seems like pretty much every farmers’ market has someone vending egg rolls… 🙂

  3. I was just watching the local 9:00 news (It’s a FOX station, butI think it’s the sister station of KCRG in your neck of the woods) and they had a story that the Iowa Sec. of Agriculture is teaming up with stores to showcase more Iowa made food and products. Unfortunately the story featured a Wal Mart store, but they said other retailers would start the program as well. Very nice to see!

  4. dehydrated corn? r u serious? wow. maybe you can make some cornnuts. hahaha. I will try to give you a call tommorrow, to figure out when and how long I will be there with Debbie.

  5. I want to dehydrate more of the produce I get from the CSA but am limited to the 4 trays I have. None of the stores currently stock them but told me to check back at Christmas. Too late by then for corn!

    Be sure to dry some of the carrot and celery leaves as well. They are good for soup seasoning in the winter. The carrot leaves retain some texture which is nice in the soup too.

  6. I will be interested to see how your dehydrating turns out. Sounds like you are making sure that you will still be enjoying your garden this winter.

  7. So far the carrots and celery look good. (Didn’t think to save the leaves) I have plenty of Lovage though to dry out for use this winter.

    The beans worked fine but they are kind of smelly. I don’t know what that’s about, but hopefully they taste will OK.

    I noticed Chile dehydrated some zuchinni so I’ll be doing that this weekend while they are plentiful and cheap.

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