Whew! It’s over!





Final Tally

12 quarts of tomatoes

8 pints of tomatoes

10 pints of green beans

6 pints of Corn/Zucchini Salsa

1 burned thumb and 1 tired fat guy.

Not shown are dehydrated zucchinis and a cool whip container full of fresh salsa in the fridge.  All from one trip to the market and a few ears of corn from the crisper.


7 responses to “Whew! It’s over!

  1. Looks pretty good. Hope they all popped and sealed. Will take a few trips up and down the basement stairs to put away.

  2. The wifey took them downstairs and moped the floor after the craziness was complete!

  3. Wifey got the exercise, to work off what hubby feeds her.

  4. excellent work. congratulations on a job well done. tabitha just canned five quarts of spaghetti sauce. she’ll start another batch of sixty pounds of tomatoes tomorrow. that should make eight or nine quarts.

  5. hey matt, i was looking through the participant list for groovy menu ideas and noticed that i’m not there. i guess i’m a too late comer?

  6. So… how long did it take you to process all of that?

    I make a batch of around 12-14 pints of salsa every year and it takes me around 4 hours from start to finish, though there’s a fair bit of time involved in slicing & simmering the salsa… plus, I only had a small water canner that could handle maybe 7 pints at a crack.

  7. Sorry Karl-I’ll ask Liz to update that. I’m sure that’s why it’s not done. I probably didn’t ask her too.

    Bart-I don’t remember. It’s a blur. It seemed like I started around 10:30 and stopped around 8:30, but I had to make lunch and dinner in that time plus I might be slow. My kitchen is incredibly small so I had to spend a lot of time moving things around and washing dishes and such.

    I pressure canned all the tomatoes because the times were so close I didn’t see any benefit to boiling bath canning them.

    My canner will hold 9 pints or 7 quarts at a time.

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