Local Meal-week 7

This weekwe enjoyed many meals that were all local like tacos, pizza and a stir fry, but I only took one picture of our meal where we had pasta with a bolognese sauce.


You can see the bolognese recipe here. Adjustments I make: I add a pinch of nutmeg and also use steamed tomatoes (or fresh) rather than a puree. I rarely add the cream/milk portion of the recipe either.  Also, a pound and a half of meat is too much.  I’m down to a pound right now and I may keep going lower.  I don’t think it needs that much meat in it.

In addition to that we had fresh local pasta (spinach noodles) from the market, some local hamburger buns I toasted for garlic bread and some canteloupe/muskmelon.

I have to complain about the local pasta for a minute. This might just be the cook, but I can’t get this stuff to cook al dente. It seems like it goes from undercooked to overcooked in a flash and then it’s practically inedible. There is a very tight window on it being cooked right, which I’m struggling to hit right now. Anyone else experienced this?

Non local this week: Butter on the bread

Left out cuz it wasn’t local: celery in the sauce. (I grew some this year but I dehydrated it for use this winter.)

I substituted chicken broth for the red win this time because my wine was tossed recently in a fit of fridge cleaning. (Not by me) I wouldn’t recommend this change.


2 responses to “Local Meal-week 7

  1. The same thing here happens with our local fresh pasta. We got angel hair – the package says 6-8 minutes, first time around it was mush and inedible. The second time around, we gave it 4, and it still was a bit on the undercooked side. My advice? Check it every minute from when you put it in the pot.

  2. I think you have to give up on the notion of “al dente” with fresh pasta…. it’s definitely a different animal. Columbus Foodie has some good advice: just keep checking it!

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