I’m sick and tired…

Of squash and zuchinni right now.  And, at the risk of losing my Iowa residency card, I’ll admit to sweet corn too.  I’m not tired of eating that, just shucking it.  And I’m even able to coerce others into shucking it most of the time…  But it’s such a dreary task to get all the silks off the ears.  It does taste so darn good though…

I’m ready for temps to drop so we can start enjoying some peas and lettuce and such.  I planted these already and they are coming up already so hopefully it won’t be too long.

In other news, I was thinking about a list of things that taste best when they are fresh grown.  Tomatoes are the obvious one, but I think peaches, potatoes, melons, sweet corn and lettuce all deserve a seat at that table.  All things taste better, but those are the ones I can most readily notice when I’m eating them.

Check out GG for some recent stories by yours truly.  If you aren’t already reading the site shame on you!  🙂  Click on the breaking news blog header.

Have you ever heard of a drink called canteloupe juice?  If you are interested you should click here for instructions.  I’m going to make this very soon.

I’ve learned so much gardening stuff this year that I’ll write a whole post up about things not to do.  #1 on the list; do not let the tomato plants sprawl where ever they feel like growing.  They must be caged or strapped to grow upright.  When you don’t do this they are impossible to harvest.  A close second is to pull up or transplant volunteers someplace where they fit into your gardening scheme, not wherever they feel like growing.  I’ve also learned a ton which I will document too.  Have you been thinking about gardening?  Get the Square Foot Gardening book, start small and do it.  It’s really not as hard as you think it is.  After you’ve done it and want to get more serious than you can read How to Grow More Vegetables and the Alll Organic Grower and Four Seasons Harvest and other titles that interest you and really take it to the next level.  We’ll be reviewing some good gardening books in the future at GG so watch for those.

All for now.


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