Local meal week 10

8-31-07-002.jpg 8-31-07-004.jpg

We had two local meals this week. We’re going out of town this weekend so I spent some time cleaning out the fridge.

Meal #1 was hamburgers (leftover from a BBQ) with baked potato slices, zucchini slices and green beans leftover from the same BBQ (steamed in foil on the grill). The sandwich bread was local too. Salt and pepper weren’t local. The hamburgers had spices in them there weren’t local. But the Parmesan cheese on the zucchini was local!

Meal #2 was homemade pesto (my first time making it and it was good!!) with store bought noodles (sorry, haven’t taken that step yet), zucchini, braised green beans and toasted garlic bread. Noodles weren’t local (discount bin) and the butter on the bread and with the zucchini weren’t, but otherwise everything else was local.


2 responses to “Local meal week 10

  1. Yum!

    I made myself some local enchiladas (ok, the tortiallas were store bought) and thought about that tomatillo sauce you made. If I had tomatillos, that would have gone nicely. Oh well, maybe next week!

  2. We will have to work on the homemade noodles next time we are together.

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