Weekly update

Wow, sorry it’s been so long.  I’m sure you were all eagerly checking back every single day trying to get the vital bit of information that I share from this site.

Anyway, we’ve been busy doing things, of course.  My brother and future sister in law were in town for a few days so we enjoyed having them here.  I was pleased to meet her (she’s a keeper) and I’m still not sure why she’s interested in my brother.  But, to each their own.  It’s kind of strange to have a visitor at our house this time of year compared to year’s past, because we focus so much energy on preserving foods for the winter, which others don’t do, so even when someone visits the food ripens and still have to be put up.  It’s kind of a strange break from the past when you have to basically ignore your visitors a little to do this work.

There was potentially cold weather last night (as cold as 32) so we went crazy picking tomatoes and beans just in case.  Looking today it doesn’t appear anything happened, but we ended up with 20 lbs of tomatoes which are still cooking down.  Last fall I purchased a spaghetti sauce packet off a clearance rack and it called for 20 lbs of tomatoes.  Perfect!  After running them through the food mill I put the sauce in my biggest pot, added the seasonings and put it in the oven at 350.  It smells divine but it’s still not as thick as I would like, so I’ll cook it down more tonight.

This is the first time I’ve actually made real sauce.  I’ve made the glut sauce.  I’ve made puree.  I’m canned whole tomatoes.  But until last night I hadn’t run the tomatoes through a food mill and then started to cook the sauce down.  Judging by how it smells, I now understand why people go through all the trouble of doing that.

We also made up our first batch of applesauce this past weekend (20 pints).  The house smells soooo good when apples are boiling down.  If I can find the time I’m going to do up some apple butter, but I don’t know if that will actually happen.  If I do you’ll hear about it here I’m sure.

My son started kidnergarten this fall, and we’ve reached a reasonable compromise regarding lunches.  He takes his lunch except once a week (if he finds a lunch he wants to eat).  The trouble for me is finding enough to pack into a cold lunch.  He seems to want a PB&J every day.  We try to limit the junk to 1 item per day, so he gets a cookie or chips or crackers but only 1 item per day (most times).  But then I fill out his lunch with other stuff but it’s hard to find things to add to it.  Especially if I want him to eat local foods but still eat things that don’t need to cook.  So far, he’s had a lot of carrots, canteloupe and melons.  Soon I’ll add apples to the mix (and maybe some dried ones too) along with raisins and craisins, which aren’t local.  It’s a tough challenge to get all this into his lunch, without offering him too much, and making it local too.  I’m failing in this regard right now.


4 responses to “Weekly update

  1. Got any tips for keeping the bottom of your pot from turning into a burnt mess when cooking down tomatoes?

  2. Are you talking about the inside or outside of the pot? If it’s the inside and you’re worried about scorching, a thicker bottom to the pot will do wonders for cutting down on that. At least, that’s what I’ve discovered from my homebrewing adventures.

    This doesn’t help much if you’ve already got a pot, but if you have several to choose from or are in the market for a new one, a pot with a 4-5mm thick bottom will be better than one with only 1-2mm.

  3. I cooked my sauce down in the oven and that avoids scorching on the bottom. You will have some scorching on the sides as the sauce is reduced and sauce on the sides is exposed to the heat.

  4. My grandsons are the same way with school lunches. With their PB&J I will give the celery also as well as the carrots. The schools here are going more nutritient. But the kids hate it. My grandaughter said the chicken tasted like it had
    alchol or something in it. They had already been complaining about the hamburgers. So their for she is not eating. So it makes me wonder how much better will it be?

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