And we fasted…

My wife and I just completed a 3 day fast.  It was a strange experience.

Honestly, it wasn’t that hard.  We juiced fruits and vegetables (mostly fruits.  there aren’t enough apples in the world to make cabbage and beets taste good when juiced) for 4 “meals” a day and enjoyed a lot of water and tea.  I thought I would be absolutely starving when I did it, but I wasn’t.  I was a little, and felt the hunger pains, but I was able to use my mind to ignore them and control them.  Reflecting on the experience more today, I think maybe it changed me more than I thought it would.  I was expecting physical changes, but my changes were mostly mental.  The only physically change I can pinpoint was that my plantar faciitis pain went away.  I didn’t feel like I detoxed like they talk about in the books at all.  I had a dull headache (which I have frequently anyway) but that was all.  My wife had a migraine and spent some time in the bathroom so maybe she was detoxing more than me?  I don’t know. 

Sunday afternoon I felt more pull to eat than I had on Friday or Sat.  (I started at dinner on Thursday)  We finally quit for a few reasons; we weren’t being very pleasant to our children so that’s not good; it’s very hard to take care of two kids when both parents are fasting; I wasn’t feeling any changes, ill effects or difference from doing it; and it was killing me to prepare meals for the kids and not be able to eat.  So we quit.  Our smallest goal was three days, but we were hoping for 7.  We didn’t make it.  I did drop 6 lbs so that’s something, although I’m sure it’s mostly food not being in my digestive system.

Some good did come of it though.  My stomach shrank which should make it easier to maintain my weight (weight is always an issue for me), a few aches and pains went away, I learned that I control my hunger not the other way around and that eating is more mental than physical.  I don’t NEED to eat right now or to have that cookie, I WANT to have that cookie.  I think that will help me in the future.  Today I feel more rested and energetic than I do normally.  Perhaps it’s because we spent the weekend sleeping when the kids slept and not running around?  But even with the fast we were able to do things. 

We both went to work on Friday.  We watched two kids over the weekend.  I cooked meals and managed to not eat any of them.  I went to the dentist and amazed the hygienist when I told her I hadn’t eaten for almost two days.  We went to a farm for a combine ride.  We still made it to church and got a ton of things around the house done.  So even though we didn’t eat, we were able to get plenty done.

What I missed most about the experience wasn’t the food, but the time in the kitchen cooking and creating the meals.  I missed enjoying the fruits of my labors to create a tasty, healthy meal.

It’s an interesting experience.  I’m not sure if I would want to do it again or not.  Maybe I didn’t give it enough time to work it’s magic?  I don’t know.  I’ll have to see how things go in the future.  If my body, physically and mentally, goes back to how it was perhaps I’ll do this again and see if that jump starts it.


2 responses to “And we fasted…

  1. Matt, it sounds like it was a really interesting experience. I did a 4-day fast back in college and another 3-day one a few years later. I was surprised both times to not really be that hungry.

    Regarding plantar fasciitis, I eliminated my pain almost entirely by simply eliminating dairy in my diet. You can read about that here.

  2. I had read that before Chile. Unfortunately I’m not willing to give up milk (of which I only consume butter and cheese anyway) at this point. I’m trying some massage therapy and stretching right now to see if I can get this under control.

    We’ll see what happens.

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