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I took this quiz here to figure out which presidential candidate I was most closely aligned with, and I was surprised with my result, well, sort of.  It said that I was most closely aligned with Chris Dodd.  Personally, I found him to be too much a union apologist when I heard him speak.  But right behind him was Kucinich, probably the guy I’ll vote for.  The closest Republican in my list was Ron Paul, but he’s hardly a normal Republican.  And all the Democrats were listed above the Republicans, save for Paul who beat Richardson and Edwards.

Now truth be told the questions are too vague and not specific enough.

For example:  I personally am not in favor of a constitutional amendment against gay marriage.  That marks me as a Conservative Republican.  But my reason is different than that voting class.  I am against an amendment like that because I think the government should not be in the job of officiating or sanctioning ANY marriage.  The government should simply issue civil unions for any marriage and “marriage”, as defined in the Bible, is something that happens in church.

Also, I’m against the death penalty, but not because of the reason most Democrats are against it.  I’m against it simply because it costs way more than just housing the inmate for their life.  In most cases 3 or 4 times more.  It’s purely a money thing for me.  (As an offshoot, I can argue along those lines for stopping our “war” on drugs.)

The immigration question was a joke.  If they want to do something to enforce immigration then start going after companies that hire illegal workers.  And stop charging them $100 per person.  Start the fines at $10K per person.  You would see a very quick change in hiring patterns.  Building a wall is just flat out stupid.  It didn’t work in Berlin, or China, it won’t work now.
I’d honestly like to know who can really like the idea of allowing the President to have a line item veto?  Other than the president.  Talk about wiping out all semblance of compromise and take away all the power of Congress.  What a horrible, horrible idea that would be.

Take the quiz and drop me a note about who you are paired up with.


4 responses to “Take the quiz

  1. I took that quiz and had the same issues – the questions were just poorly worded, and it was hard to pick which bad answer I would chose. Most of the time, I didn’t have an answer.

    I think I was paired with Bob Richardson, but it was only because of my stance on the War. Otherwise, I didn’t really mesh with any of the candidates. All of my scores were under 20%.

    Interesting comment you made about the death penalty. I had no idea it was more costly than housing an inmate. I’ll have to rethink my position on that one, because with many of the issues we face in the country it’s about the money for me, too. It gets rather frustrating after a while to see some of the programs our government wants us to fund – many of which we who are paying for the program can not enjoy, because we are not “eligible.”

  2. first pairing: Kucinich

    first pairing of real possible candidate: Clinton
    (but there wasn’t a question about if I am against the idea of an American monarchy. I will never vote for her)

    first pairing with a republican: Ron Paul
    (who is my first choice among all candidates even if I highly disagree with many of his positions. there was no question about voting for a candidate not in the pocket of big business)

  3. Interesting. I’ve decided this year (in future elections) to vote for the person I want to vote for. I don’t care if my vote is “wasted”. At least in the primaries. After that I will be limited to two choices and I’ll choose whoever is best from what’s left.

    I checked out Paul, and I love a lot of his stances, but he’s pro life which I can’t get past.

    Personally I’m pro life too, for my personal situation, but I certainly don’t think my view on the issue should keep someone who doesn’t share the same view from being able to get an abortion if that’s what they wish.

    Wendy–The first place I saw the quiz was at your spot…Sunday is cider making day…

  4. this is one fat website i love fat people

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