Bread update

I made some bread last Friday based on a different recipe than usual. I also made a whole wheat version to compare the difference between white and whole wheat bread.

The whole wheat version was pretty good. I don’t know about the white one. I didn’t get a piece. I took the bread out of the oven before I left for work in the morning, and by the time I got home, it was all gone. I assume it was good.

I thought it was an easy loaf to make and it was tasty enough. One thing I especially liked was that I could mix all the ingredients easily in a bowl with a spoon and it was easy to leave it overnight to rise, bench proof in the morning and then cook it so you could enjoy fresh hot bread early in the morning.

Below are some pics from different times for comparison.

After mixing Bench proofing After cooking, cooling

10-14-07-008.jpg 10-14-07-011.jpg 10-14-07-013.jpg

I made this recipe last night again and cut the top, which seems to have caused it not to rise as well.  Lesson learned.

Also, I made a poundcake for a food day at work. It was pretty good. Here’s the picture. Certainly not something I would make very often. It takes a lot of ingredients.  Interesting note about poundcakes, according to my cookbook they’re called poundcakes because they require a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, and a pound of eggs.


I don’t know if I believe that, but it was certainly a heavy cake.


3 responses to “Bread update

  1. Looks delish! The pound cake is beautiful.

    Baking is fun, isn’t it? I do miss not doing it as much.

  2. The white bread WAS delicious. I think you should make some more so you can get to try it!

  3. I love bread. I’m having to source local flour so that I can include bread in my meals for the Dark Days of Winter eat local challenge ;). It’s such an integral part of our diet.

    I’ve never made pound cake. It uses too many eggs 😉 and too much butter. I think I read somewhere that back in the day only rich people ate pound cake. I’d believe it!

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