It’s all about the Lentils

In my quest to lower our meat consumption and try new things I’ve been experimenting with Lentils lately. I’ve been experimenting with Lentils because I want to increase our Legume consumption, but beans are too difficult to cook for most of our work week meals, at least right now. (I’m beginning to play around with haybox cookers and such but haven’t gotten there yet)

Anyway, tonight I cooked Lentil Burritos, which were fantastic. I boys devoured them and they tasted almost like a ground beef burrito. I say almost because they really tasted more like a bean burrito, but with more to them than a normal bean burrito.

But after cooking this batch I’m feeling more confident in the idea of using potatoes or squash or other types of solid veggies in the burrito with Mexican seasoning, instead of ground beef.

You should give Lentils a try if you haven’t.

I made a batch of whole wheat bread this weekend and finally got a rise similar to white bread. I used the recipe from my last bread update only I used twice as much yeast and 3 generous pinches of sugar. (Next time I’ll use honey) But I was able to get the loaf to be pretty airy, compared to my other wheat attempts. I’ll keep refining the technique but I think that recipe is here to stay in my kitchen. We found out this weekend that the loaves fit perfectly in a couple of Tupperware containers we have, so no more bags to mess with.

I’m starting to play around with Curries too. If you have any favorite recipes drop one on me. I made one last night which we liked OK, but it was a little light on the flavor. I made Naan too, but it was kind of blah as well. The curry I made didn’t have enough juice in it to use with the Naan really. I’ll keep messing with these as the smell is outstanding. I remember going to the Maharishi houses when I was growing up and they smelled like that.

I’ve fallen in love with the Recipezaar website.  It has great searching tools and it has the nutritional info on the left hand side.  I find that useful because if the main dish is high calorie I can pair it with some things that are moderate to low calorie.  You know, cuz I’m watching my figure and all.


4 responses to “It’s all about the Lentils

  1. Lentils are great, aren’t they? Now I want to go make something with lentils.

    I love Recipezaar too. I love the fact that you can specify ingredients you want to work with and exclude ingredients that you don’t have.

  2. Lentils don’t get nearly enough respect.

  3. Curry is big in Korea. I don’t care for it much myself, but maybe I just didn’t know how to cook the right things last year. Haven’t looked at this site since I left Arkansas. Dial up internet gets frustrating in a hurry. hahahahha

  4. Rach and I went to an Indian place yesterday for lunch and really really enjoyed the food. I’m more motivated now to cook some of their foods. I just have to find a good cookbook.

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