I had some of my homemade cider last night for dinner.

Man!  That stuff has some kick.  As they say, it’ll put a little hair on your chest!

I let it ferment for 2 weeks, maybe three.  Then I strained it through a small cocktail strainer and some cheesecloth to get out all the yeasties.  Now it’s sitting in the fridge.

I started with 3 gallons of juice and ended up with 1.75 gallons after fermentation and filtering.

It’s kind of a strange taste though.  I definitely let it ferment too long, because now it’s kind of like a strong apple-like wine.  But it’s very dry.  Very dry.   And it’s so strong flavor wise that it’s hard to do much more than sip it.

Which I guess is good, because I certainly wouldn’t want to drink it too fast!


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