This Organic Life-book review

organic-life.jpgI finished the book This Organic Life-Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader recently and I thought I would mention it here as a worthwhile book to read. It’s not one of those books that’s a step by step DIY guide, it was a fun read. I enjoyed reading her stories about all the trials and tribulations she had during her life gardening. Especially once she moved to a property on the bank of the Hudson River.

There are numerous places throughout the book where she makes a point or mentions a statistic or piece of information and I would just stop reading and think about what she just wrote. I consider that a mark of a good book. Not that I studied it afterwards, but that the information forced me to study and think about it while I was reading the book. Plus I had a hard time putting the book down. Another good sign.

I think Barbara Kingsolver summed it up best with this quote:

For many years, as I’ve worked hard to raise some of my family’s food and attend closely to the sources of the rest of it, doubtful observers have asked me why I bother when stores nearby sell anything in any season, cheaply. I’ve struggled to explain that this effort is for me a matter of moral responsibility. From now on I’ll simply hand them a copy of This Organic Life.

If you get a chance check it out sometime.


3 responses to “This Organic Life-book review

  1. Thanks for the review – that one has been on my “To Read” list for awhile. Maybe I’ll have to move it to the top 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you liked it! I reread it this summer and found it so fun…again. And of course there are some great recipes sprinkled in between the pages, right?

  3. Plenty of great recipes. I’m reading a borrowed copy but I’ll be searching the used book store for a copy in the future.

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