The Dark Horse

Aaron sums up my feelings on this completely.

America Searches for Ron Paul

Excuse me while I go change my party affiliation…


8 responses to “The Dark Horse

  1. Thanks Matt. I just found out that because I am registered as an unaffiliated voter, I can chose which party primary I would like to participate in on voting day. I was under the impression that I wasn’t allowed to vote in either primary.

    Of course the NC primary is unlikely to matter much. Iowa on the other hand…

  2. I say everyone’s primary matters. If you don’t attend it you don’t get your say.

    Regardless if the primary is one of the early ones that is supposed to be so important.

    As I understand it, Iowa requires you to choose a side but you can change your side at the entry to the caucus.


  3. I’ll probably be voting for Paul up here in Minnesota as well. The choices in both major parties are pretty limited as far as I can tell. Most of the candidates on both sides are two-faced weasels. The exceptions are Obama (who’s still a political lightweight right now IMO), Kucinich, Gravel and Paul.

    With the exception of Obama, none of these guys probably has even a sniff at victory, but I’m going to support one of them anyway. Probably Ron Paul… if nothing else, getting rid of the Federal Reserve is a great idea.

  4. There’s a lot to like about Ron Paul. Go to his website and check out his health care info. Good stuff. That being said, he’s got no shot. Republican primary votes are in two categories: 1. Your great grand-father and 2: Rush Limbaugh listeners. They either don’t know Paul, or hate him cause he doesn’t want to bomb everything. I bet Paul finishes 4th or 5th in Iowa, on the strength of his base.

    Now on the other hand this Obama character has the ability to bring the nation together. And after years of hearing “Red vs. Blue” isn’t that a concept? And as to Bart’s point of being a political lightweight, that just means he doesn’t owe half the nation favors. (See Clinton and Guliani.)

    For primaries, you gotta go Obama. Now if it’s Paul vs. Obama in the general election, it’s win/win.

  5. Oh Tom. I’ve told you a million times you just aren’t out on the fringe enough. Obama is like candidate training wheels for those who aren’t ready to take all the steps necessary to get this country back in shape. Ron Paul is the real deal and what’s needed for out country. Obama is Paul lite for those who aren’t quite ready for the big leagues.


    My take on the primaries is that I’ll vote for who I want, regardless of the outcome because I want to support that person.

    Then I’ll vote for the leftovers when it’s time for the real election. If my primary person is there even better. More than likely I’ll have to settle for a lesser candidate.

    Paul’s idea of following the constitution is wayyy too intoxicating for me. I have no doubt that if he gets elected he won’t be able to do much, because too many people want to keep things the way they are, but it’s at least a message which I think is important to send.

    Paul doesn’t care about red vs. blue because he doesn’t want either of them. So he’s just as uniting as Obama, IMHO, just in a slightly different way.


    It should be a fun caucus!

  6. Tom: Anyone who’s considered a front-runner in either of the large parties is either already in someone’s pocket or soon will be. One doesn’t raise $25 million plus in a year without owing multiple interest groups favors of one sort or another. It’s just how politics is done these days.

    The appeal of Paul is (like Matt stated) he’s a constitutionalist. The idea of following that scrap of paper our country is governed by is unfortunately a unique idea these days. While I’m sure I wouldn’t agree with everything Paul stands for, he’s far and away the best candidate in my eyes.

    I don’t want another dynastic president (Hilary), nor do I want any of the two-face weasels (Romney, Rudy “did I mention 9/11 yet?” Guiliani) and McCain has already had his days in the sun.

    Obama appears to be a very charismatic and intelligent guy… I’d just like to see more than a few years of senatorial service for the person who’s going to have to deal with the multitude of messes the next president will inherit.

  7. It’s interesting you say that Bart because one of the things I like about Obama is his lack of experience. My experience in business has shown that people without a lot of experience operate in two different ways:

    Either they build consensus and get a lot of opinions and make decisions from that, or they act dictatorial and make bad decisions.

    We see how Bush has done it, but I sense Obama operates the other way.

    But in any regard, the idea of following the constitution is too intoxicating to me. If it wasn’t for Paul it would be a tough choice between Obama and Kucinich for me.

  8. My worry is that Obama’s lack of experience would force him to rely on the same Democratic Party apparatchiks that have been advising the Clintons et. al for the last decade and a half. We’ve got a number of messes to deal with, so I naturally lean towards someone with more experience. The coming 4-8 years will not be a time for a relative novice to learn on the job in my opinion.

    If it comes down to Obama versus any Republican other than Paul, I’d vote for him… he’s just not my ideal candidate of choice right now. That, and I think ol’ Hilary will probably steamroll him in the primaries anyway.

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