The world is thirsty

Sharon tipped me off to this article, but it is really sobering how no one is talking about the implications of the drought conditions we are having in different parts of America, and across the world. 

Has our population grown so much that we are already too large to be supported by nature?

Do we just need to stop wasting so much water showering every day and watering our yards?

What needs to be done to use water more efficiently?

I live in an area with what seems like plenty of water resources, but should I be concened anyway so we can protect and better manage what we have?  Should I worry about refugees coming here because of our water resources?

These are interesting questions.  As the article points out, there are no easy answers. 

When will we be able to start making the tough choices we need to all make? 

Hell, a lot of these choices are easy.  It’s time to use some common sense folks.


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