2nd thoughts

You know, my post yesterday reflects, I think, the fatigue I’m feeling over all the bad news that keeps coming out about the environment and our economy and Peak Oil and food prices and animal treatment and all the other things we keep hearing about.  Maybe I’m TOO tuned into the news and I need to shut some of it off so I can keep my sanity…


8 responses to “2nd thoughts

  1. I am right there with you man. All these hypotheticals quickly turning into realities seems to be getting to me. Some days are better than others. Some days blogging seems like a big waste of time, and other days I get enough out of it to keep at it a little longer. Write as much or as little as you see fit dude.

  2. I think you are trying to cover too many topics.
    I really enjoy reading your blogs as do a lot of other family members but I also think you have gotten away from what started it all. Step back and decide which of the topics were the most fun to write about. Pare down topics and try to get back to the enjoyment you had when you started.
    Love you

  3. I hear you! And I’m not even as diverse as you are. I talk about one thing mostly – eating local, but recently my enthusiasm for the whole eat local movement got me into a bit of hot water. It was at that point that I had to reevaluate what I really wanted, and in the end, after I started deleting past posts, I realized that I actually do want my blog. I like my blog.

    And I like yours, too. You should listen to your mother. She has some good advice. Find one or two things about which you are especially passionate and knowledgeable and concentrate on those. There are many of us who enjoy your particular spin, and since the “news” isn’t giving us the information we need, we (*I*) rely on bloggers, like you ;).

  4. Many of us are going through this bad news overload, Matt. Sometimes blogging or reading can feel too passive when it seems like we should be doing more to “get ready”. I’m beginning to see that it’s not a matter of getting ready any more than diets are a matter of starting. It’s a lifestyle change.

    I continue to find satisfaction blogging because I share what I’m changing in my lifestyle. I don’t read as many blogs as I used to, often just skimming for tips on things to do and try. The sense of community in the blogosphere is also important to me, since so many people IRL think I’m nuts for my beliefs and preparations.

    Do what you need to do and remember to enjoy life as it is now instead of solely dwelling on what it will be in the future.

  5. Thanks all. I’m feeling much better today. I think mom does know best and I should try to cut down and focus on a few things that I’m really passionate about.

    Most likely that means food! 🙂

  6. You have such a smart mom 🙂

    I really limit my consumption of news these days.

  7. Thanks all of you. Let’s see if over time he heeds the advice!!

  8. Moms always know best. (hey! I’m a mom!)

    Personally, I like the range of topics you cover. But it should be about what fuels you – what gets you most passionate and what makes you have fun.

    It is easy to get fatigued though. Was news always so depressing? Is it just that I’m paying closer attention now?

    Keep it up. I’m glad you’re feeling less overloaded now.

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