Lessons learned while playing in the dirt this summer

  • No matter how cool they look do not let your tomatoe plants sprawl all over the garden.  They are a pain to harvest that way.  Even if they do look cool.
  • Do not accidentally leave your sprinkler on overnight or your beans will die.  Especially if you do it a few times.
  • Don’t be lazy about planting your greens.  It takes an amount far larger than you imagine to keep 4 people supplied with them.
  • You can never plant too many potatoes.
  • Don’t be discouraged when you dig for your sweet potatoes and you don’t find any.
  • Don’t let you sweet potatoes, tomatoes and squash plants grow intertwined with each other.
  • It is possible to plant too many squash plants.
  • Just because something volunteers in your garden doesn’t mean you should let it go.  Especially if it’s a decorative gourd.  Or three.
  • Compost tea rocks.  Use as much of it as you can make.  But you have to use rain water, not tap water.
  • Worm poo works awesome too.
  • You can never have too much mulch for the beds.  Never.
  • Even if you’re tired of gardening you should plant your seeds because once that’s over most the work is done.  And if you don’t that bare patch of dirt will haunt you.
  • Don’t yank everything at the first frost.  Nature will trick you and you could have gotten many more weeks of growth out of your plants.
  • If you plant open pollinated seeds, don’t be surprised if all the open pollination items end up being the same.  (I never got any Brandywines.  All my tomatoes this year were Amish Paste tomatoes, even though those aren’t all I planted…)

3 responses to “Lessons learned while playing in the dirt this summer

  1. Matt, how did you toilet-train your worms? I find it hard to get them to poo in the little bucket so I can put it on the garden. 😉

    Are your friends and neighbors all scared to answer their doors now for fear of being handed surplus squash?

    Thanks for the tips and the laughs.

  2. This cracked me up! Next summer we should take some pictures of all the over growth!

  3. Thanks Chile. It seems like there was more but they are escaping me for now.

    I think I do have a few pictures of the overgrowth…

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