The muffin man

I was home today with a sick child, although based on his behavior he doesn’t appear very sick.  I think perhaps he had too much cookie dough yesterday when we were making sugar cookies.  Anyhoo, being home gave me the chance to make some muffins this morning. Being home also gave me easy access to the caramels…but that’s a different story.

A week or so ago I was going to make squash ravioli.  I cooked up 4 delicata squash and put the mushy remains in the fridge.  Unfortunately I’ve never gotten the ravioli done though.  So today I decided to make squash muffins with them.

We are in love with pumpkin bread that comes from the recipe in my Betty Crocker book.  So I just substituted the squash for the pumpkin and put it in the muffin tins.  It came out really well. In fact, I’d dare say I like it better as a muffin than as a loaf.   The coolest thing to me is that I can use up all the delicata squash I grew this summer.  We don’t care that much for this squash by itself, but putting it in muffins seems like a great way to use it up!


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