Working for a big company…

has a downside sometimes too.  Sure there are nice benefits, but when the power goes off they have generators to allow us to keep being productive.


Hope everyone is enjoying the ice storm!  Days like this make me very glad not to have animals to take care of.  It also helps me appreciate even more my stockpile of food.  When the weather gets bad I rarely need to venture anywhere to “stock up” on food.  Even if I couldn’t leave the house for a week we’d be more than OK.

There’s a good chance my kids would not be in one piece if I was around them for a week straight, but it would be possible, in theory, to make it that long.  🙂


One response to “Working for a big company…

  1. Ahhhh, snow and ice. Love it when school gets cancelled due to snow or ice. Can you believe that the schools up here on PEI don’t even make up snow days. WOW, that would be awesome to not have to stay a few extra days in the summer to make up for the bad weather days in the winter, only up here it must be into the double digit days of snow days.

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