Big fat back stabbers

Take a second and read this article.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Ok, now that you’ve done that what you think?  The house cares enough about fresh local food that they are redoing their menu, but they don’t give a rat’s ass about the food they are shoveling down the throats of our school children?  If I had to think in my head who should get the most healthy food in the America, I can promise you it wouldn’t be the bureaucrats sitting on the Hill in DC.  It would be our children who are all growing and developing.  They need the healthy food so they can grow up and be something.  At least they have a future.  With any luck we can convince them all to do something with their life and not become politicians.

Why should politicians get this kind of food?  So far they’ve shown what they’ve chosen to grow up and be.  They created a special retirement and health insurance package for themselves.  Now a special cafeteria?  What’s next?  They are supposed to watch out for us and our interests.  Yet again, they’ve shown their true colors. 

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5 responses to “Big fat back stabbers

  1. I’m with ya on this one. I remember my school cafeteria, we used to joke they were abestos burgers. I’d love to see a politician eat that undiluted crap. Here an idea: for one week, just ONE week, lets have the kids and the politicans switch menus.

    I smell a youtube video.

  2. Why is this a shock?

    We throw billions into Iraq ever month yet public schools continue to have funding problems.

    Every politician is for children during the election campaigns and then reverts back to taking care of #1 and financial backers.

    Most DC pols probably send their kids to private schools, so what do they care what kind of tripe is served in public schools?

  3. I agree that it’s not surprising. I’m not sure I can be surprised anymore by what they’ll do. But it still bothers me.

  4. Sad is all I have to say.

  5. “for one week, just ONE week, lets have the kids and the politicans switch menus.”

    Why stop there? Let them switch jobs too. 😉

    Congressman and women should livee in barracks like th honorable servicemen and women they are always pretending to care about. They should serve in D.C. for months or years with only limited leave like those in the armed forces.

    Eat the elite.

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