2 things not connected at all

Mother Earth news has published an article detailing how free range eggs are nutritionally superior to eggs from caged chickens. I figured that already, but it was nice to see it actually proven and tested. Follow the link for the article. I wish it would be taken more seriously, but I’m sure the egg “industry” will down play it.
Also, I wanted to post this information about how to make a fridge out of a chest freezer. Sounds like a great way to lower your electric bill quite dramatically. Still working on Mrs. Fat Guy on this one …

2 responses to “2 things not connected at all

  1. The chest freezer/fridge conversion is also an excellent way to lager and serve kegged beer. 🙂

  2. My husband thought the chest refrigerator looked cool, but I’m still trying to convince him we should give it a go. If at first you don’t succeed … :).

    I liked that Mother Earth article, too. Very interesting. I’m loving my backyard hens more every day ;).

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