Caucus 2008

The caucus is over and from all accounts it seems to have been a massive success.   Almost 3 times as many Dems participated as normal (perhaps sending a message that they aren’t happy with the “leadership”??) and even more GOPers than normal.  It was a great showing for Iowa.  This was my first ever caucus, so I have some thoughts on the process.
  • At my precinct, if 90% of the people weren’t there for the first time I’m estimating the figure too low.  (Perhaps says something about how the citizens are feeling about the country also?)
  • Having this sort of open debate with people is amazing.
  • Caucusing allows a person to get involved as much or as little as they wish in the political process.  You can not vote, or just vote, or sign up to volunteer and vote and you can even be a delegate for your candidate at the county and state parties.  (I’m signed up as a delegate alternate)
  • Contrary to popular opinion, most people who don’t have a viable candidate (viable meaning at least 15% of the people at this precinct support them) have a 2nd in mind, so you can’t sway them to your side.  But there are a few stragglers who you can joustle with, and the debate is great.
The results came out about the way I expected them too.  I am disappointed that Clinton was so close to Edwards.  I don’t think they are in the same league as far as issues and true ability to change our politics.  A demographic note:  As much as Clinton had the older, gray haired vote, Obama had the young vote.  The Edwards crowd was the most diverse of the bunch.  I live in an area of the city here that is either young under 35 or old over 60, and it was interesting to see that dynamic at play in the caucus event.

I have to really applaud Obama for getting the young people out to vote.  It’s time we start being serious about our responsibilities, and I love it.  We’re a block to be reckoned with when we are compelled to make a statement.  I think Obama’s win here was a statement that the young people are not pleased with the status quo and we aren’t going to take it anymore.  As far as I could tell, if you were under 40 you either backed Edwards or Obama, with most being in the Obama camp.

Personally, I supported Edwards because I felt like he was the most genuine person, the most intelligent, the most flexible and the most passionate.  What he did to respond to crisis in Pakistan this week was a great example of how he would respond to crisis as a President.  Edwards and Obama have a lot of the same policy ideas (I think because Obama copied Edwards policy handbook since some of the ideas and wording match exactly, because earlier this year Obama didn’t have some of these ideas whereas Edwards published them over a year ago, and also because some of Edwards’ ideas are so innovative (and published over a year ago) I can’t see how two people can develop the same idea) so I can live with either candidate being the choice.  As far as I’m concerned they are both candidates of change, and the caucus showed that almost 70% of Iowans want a change in Washington.  That’s pretty darn powerful. 

And, just to prove that we start ’em young here I have a picture of the campaign sign my son made for us before we went last night.

2.jpg   3.jpg

3 responses to “Caucus 2008

  1. Hey Matt, just wanted to use your blog as an advertising tool. hahahha. I have started up my blog again. I will hopefully do better this time around. Cheers.

  2. I like both Edwards and Obama, but my first choice is Kucinich.
    I was backing Senator Clinton till she mentioned Bill and Bush Sr. were going to be working together. That tells me they were going to let Jr. off the hook and things would not be any different than they are now.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I’m backing the Democrat, no matter who is turn out to be. They are all good.

  3. I was for Kucinich at first as well. The policy lines of Edwards and Kucinich are very close, and I felt more passionate about Edwards. I would love to see a vegan in the WH though. How would that screw with BigAg?

    I watched the debate last night and was really impressed with Richardson. Too bad he choose a just horrible year to try to run.


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