Local foods in the winter

Recently Aaron had suggested that I do a series of posts discussing eating locally, cooking from leftovers and other assorted things when it’s the middle of the winter.  I thought it sounded like a good idea, although potentially very boring.  Anyway, I’m going to detail what I eat each day for the next week or so.  Then we can judge the amount of local foods that are in the meals.  We’ll just follow this along as we go. 

I would suggest that intent of this is to show how you can still eat a lot of local foods during the winter, by planning carefully in the summer.  

Yesterday, Tuesday February 5th this is what I ate. 

Oatmeal (not local or organic) with brown sugar (organic) and fake maple syrup.

2 monster cookies (homemade)Organic crackers (leftover from SB party) 

Godfather’s for lunch (don’t ask)

Homemade Hamburger Helper type of meal for dinner:   

Ground Beef (local), 2 pints of tomato sauce (local,homemade), macaroni (organic)    

Organic salad mix (a big time splurge this time of year)    

Homemade applesauce    

Half a slice of key lime pie that was given to us

2 scoops of ice cream (not local or organic) 

Assorted candy and a handful of rice cake things too through out the day. 

For future information, here is the status of my food stores.

Out of onions, I now have to buy organic ones.

Celery and carrots have always had to be bought.  (local sources suck and I can’t grow enough for us)

Potatoes are almost out.

I have a quart and a half of corn left.

I have a gallon bag of rhubarb frozen for desserts.

I have many gallon bags of green beans frozen still.

I have about 12 cans of green beans left.

Tons of squash and sweet potatoes left. 

I have tons of tomato sauce, tomatoes and tomato puree left.

I have tons of dried beans left.

Don’t even ask about flour or rice. 

No shortages there.

I have enough applesauce I should set up a stand to sell some.

I have 4 jars of salsa still, and tons in the freezer still.

I have about 20 heads of garlic left.  (not to mention 50 in the ground)

I have plenty of meat in the freezer, and a cow quarter and half a pig on the way.

(Anyone know what the hell is up with wordpress?  It is really screwing up my post formats)


2 responses to “Local foods in the winter

  1. Wish I had some of your sweet taters and squash. Better get busy and make a sweet tater pie and squash bake casserole topped with some bacon, throw in a green bean salad and applesauce muffins/bread, good to go!!
    Use some of your applesauce in pancakes or next time you make bread pudding. Make a cake or brownies using applesauce in the place of oil .

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