Local foods for Feb 6th

A run down of my food consumption from yesterday, Wednesday Feb 6th.

Slice of bread (homemade) with nutella.

2 monster cookies and handful of rice things.

Chicken and rice soup, pretzels (work paid for lunch as a thanks for coming in during bad weather. Very limited choices)

Leftover Chinese meal (mostly rice) from a Sunday lunch with friends.

Malt-o-meal for dinner. (I wasn’t very hungry) The rest of the family had malt-o-meal, toast and eggs (local). (Weds nights are our tough night because the boys are in gymnastics until 7. I usually stay home to cook but took them last night so my wife could work since she stayed home for our small snow day.)

Judging by the last two days our diet doesn’t look that great, but I don’t think these last two days are not very representative of how we normally eat around here. We’ll see how things look as we progress to this weekend.

Separate topic: all the people out using their snow blowers is pathetic. No one is able to do any physical labor anymore. My wife shoveled 3 times yesterday, and I did it twice, but we were able to shovel the snow without a stupid machine. We only got 12 inches of snow! Come on! The sound of the snow blowers running is worse than the leaf blowers in the fall.


5 responses to “Local foods for Feb 6th

  1. I hear ya with the “no one is able to do physical labor anymore. ”

    I live across the street from a house in which three adult men live with their parents. They don’t have a snowblower, but they do hire a snowplow truck to plow their driveway that is approximately two cars wide and two cars deep. Very sad.

    Your winter menu sounds a lot like ours. We have a good amount of “local” meats, root crops and canned foods (I’ll trade you some cranberry jelly for some applesauce :), but we supplement our diet a lot with “imports.” I hope, next winter, I’ll be better prepared.

  2. I wish I could trade you some applesauce. I’ve got way too much of it.

  3. We got 8 inches of snow here. I told the people I work with that I shoveled my driveway , with help from my girlfriend and they ask what happened to my snow blower?! They couldn’t believe I don’t have one, well one that works anyway…

    Matt, have you heard about the Iowa Food Cooperative being started in Des Moines this spring? Practical Farmers of Iowa is the organization that is putting this together. From the PFI website: Products offered will include frozen meats, broilers, eggs, dairy products, jams/jellies, honey, bread, grain/ flour, and less perishable produce.”

    Exciting news! They said they will originally start in Des Moines and maybe expand to other cities based on need.

  4. I seem to remember that you were one of two boys growing up who always complained about us not having a snowblower. hahahaha.

  5. I hadn’t heard of that group Dan, but I did drop them a note to ask about an Eastern Iowa group. I also shared their info with my Regional Food group. Thanks for the info.

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