Local foods for Feb 11

I should have done this sooner.  I’m having a hard time remembering what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast-Toast with strawberry jelly (homemade)

Snack-Crackers, piece of bundt cake someone brought to work.

Lunch-Leftover Stir Fry from Sunday’s lunch.  2 leftover corn bread muffins.

Dinner-The leftover mashed potatoes and gravy from Sunday night.  (I had a meeting to go to and I wasn’t very hungry)

Not much exciting there.


We’ve had utility trucks outside our house all day and they’ve left the engines running the whole time.  That’s just stupid.  The trucks are even empty too.  Even more stupid.


One response to “Local foods for Feb 11

  1. And when he says “all day”, he means ALL DAY! They were there at 9AM and were still there at 3PM when I brought our son home from school. What a waste of gas! And it wasn’t 1 truck, but 5!!!!! Let’s talk about a way to save our city and our earth……

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