Local Meals for February 12

Breakfast–Toast with butter and honey (all local), fried corn (local corn and butter)
Snack-oatmeal (not local, instant)
Lunch-carrots (organic)
          enchilada casserole (corn and chicken local, tortillas nixtamalized but not local, black beans bulk, enchilada and tomato sauce not local, onion organic)
          fried corn (local corn and butter). 
I buy the nixtamalized tortillas instead of local ones because I think they are healthier for us.  I could buy local if I wanted too.  We even have a couple Mexican restaurants here in town that sell fresh ones.  I’ve tried to make them but I can’t get them thin enough.  They turn out more like pitas or chalupas. 
    Does anyone want the enchilada casserole recipe?  if so I can post it.
Dinner-Roast chicken (local), sweet potatoes (local), slice of bread (homemade) with butter (local), and apples (local) and onions (organic).  Brownies for dessert (not from a box).
        Chicken and sweet potatoes had olive oil and two Penzey’s seasonings on them.  Northwoods and Galena Rib and chicken rub.
        The bread was the no-knead bread with butter.
        The apples and onions were this recipe right here.  It was awful.  I’ve had this at an apple festival before and it was good, so I think it might be the cooks fault.
        I made my first ever batch of homemade brownies.  (recipe here about half way down)  My only error was using a pan that was too small so I had a hard time getting them cooked in the middle before they burnt around the outside.  But they still taste darn good.  They had local eggs and butter in them.  Organic flour.  Sugar, vanilla and chocolate were not from around here.  No nuts (it’s a texture thing for me)
After dinner was over and the carcass picked the chicken bones (and gizzards) went into the stockpot with 2 carrots, 2 celery sticks, one onion, one large bay leaf (brought back from Texas by my mother in law) and a handful of peppercorns.  Then I let it all simmer (just barely bubbling) on the stovetop for about 12 hours while we did other things and went to sleep.  We’ll be having chicken noodle soup tonight.
That’s the easiest way I know of to make stock.  I put the pot of stock outside in the garage this morning.  Since it’s -9 I don’t think it will stay warm for too long.  In fact, it might actually be frozen by the time I get home from work.  I’ll scoop out what I need for tonight and then process the rest after dinner.
(Sorry for the lack of paragraphs.  WordPress won’t do my bidding)


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