Local foods for Feb 13 & 14

February 13th 

Breakfast-Toast with butter, fried egg.

Homemade bread, local butter, local egg.

Lunch-Leftover Mexican Skillet (I pulled this from the freezer), carrot, crackers.

Skillet had local beef, bulk rice, local sweet peppers, local tomato puree and organic  onions in it.  Local cheese on top.

Dinner-Chicken Noodle Soup and grilled cheese.  Organic oyster crackers.

Homemade chicken stock, local chicken, organic carrots, celery and onions.  Grilled cheese had homemade bread, local butter and local cheese.

February 14th 


Snack-Bread with nutella, carrot

Lunch-Yellow Curry vegetables from Thai Moon.  Spring rolls.  (Valentine’s lunch with my sweetie)  It wasn’t a very good lunch choice.  Spring rolls were good, and the sticky rice was excellent, but the curry wasn’t so good.  I would have preferred the curry from the Indian place.

Dinner-Cheese Pizza, organic salad mix, oranges.

Homemade crust, local cheese, organic pizza sauce,  organic salad mix, organic oranges


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