The story of one lonely chicken

If you’ve been reading my blog you probably read that Tuesday night my family had roasted chicken.  Well, we finally finished the chicken today, sort of, and I thought the journey of this chicken might make an interesting tale.

As I said Tuesday I roasted a chicken.  Not a large chicken.  About 4 pounds.  After it was done, and we had eaten a fair amount for dinner Tuesday I picked it fairly clean and deposited the bones and the gizzards into a stock pot.  Overnight they cooked until the morning when I had a nice large batch of chicken stock, as well as a nice bowl full of meat I was able to glean off the used up carcass.

Some of this meat and this stock populated a chicken noodle soup dinner Wednesday night.  This soup is still in the fridge, and I had 2 bowls of it for breakfast on Friday.  Then Friday night I diced up some of the chicken and added it to a stir fry.

The leftover stir fry (with chicken) was then added to egg rolls on Saturday.  Additional chicken was also diced up and mixed with cabbage and carrots to stuff more egg rolls Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night the remaining chicken was diced and put into a cheesy pasta shell casserole for dinner with 7 people.  I measured this amount and it was 10 ozs.

I still have at least 4 bowls of soup in the fridge and a healthy amount of stock left.

From one 4 pound chicken I had 12 adult meal servings, 8 child sized portions, used it in 15 egg rolls and have 4 bowls of soup and a good amount of stock left.   I’m going to pat myself on the back a little and say that I fully used that chicken, and it was enjoyed for many meals by us.  While that little chicken may have given it’s life for us, I think we respected it’s sacrifice sufficiently.


3 responses to “The story of one lonely chicken

  1. I’d agree with you – you definitely didn’t waste any :). I love when I’m able to stretch something like a chicken or a roast for more than one meal.

  2. Nice post, it’s neat to see all the numbers for one bird. We’ve really enjoyed using our turkey and chicken to the fullest extent like this — it’s nice to know you’re getting everything out of the bird that you can. The next step for us is to make the effort to grind up the bones for the garden!

  3. We get something similar out of our meat – from 1lb of ground lamb (and yes, we knew the lamb personally), we usually get two full meals for the 6 of us. Like you, we use a chicken until it drops – we even find that our home raised chickens and turkeys can be boiled to make stock, stripped of the meat gleanings and have the bones *put back* in the stockpot for a second go round – home raised is just that flavorful. The second stock isn’t as rich – you wouldn’t want to use it for tortellin en brodo, or something else where the broth stands alone, but it is a perfectly good base for soups, and a thousand times better than canned stock. So you might try one more go round with the carcass.


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