Picture day

Sorry there have been no posts lately. I’ve been sick. I’ve finally got some energy, although I’m still going to bed early and napping after work. Hopefully soon I’ll be back in fighting form. Until then enjoy these pictures, with commentary!

A nice loaf with a neat design in the top. This is natural, no slicing before it baked!


SNOW DAY! (one of many this winter)



Two little guys playing chess. Neither really understands the strategy of chess, but they definitely know the rules! And they like to be up really early to play.


The things that can be done with LEGOs!


Here’s one little guy working on his “problem areas”. His mom is trying to get in swimsuit shape. I don’t know why, she looks just fine. I can understand the appeal though. I keep myself in tip swimsuit shape year round. Round is the best shape to elicit cheers when attempting cannonballs into the pool, so that’s what I shoot for. It’s something I come by naturally. It’s a gift.

sta71014.jpg sta71015.jpg

Did someone say PETCO?



5 responses to “Picture day

  1. I don’t know about your wife, but I’m getting mighty tired of exercising in the living room. Can’t wait to get outside for a walk!

  2. Have been missing the updates. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Nice that you put those pics of me up on the internet. SICK!!!!!

  4. Hey ,Wifey, at least it was not your face which might be more recognizable than the backside.

  5. Hey – Matt should get brownie points for stating the obvious -‘wifey’, you look fine. 🙂

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