Spring means new things right?

My friend Aaron just recently added another little girl to his family.We recently had another addition to our family too…sta71021.jpg 

It’s not quite the same thing…but it’s the only thing we’ll have around here, I guarantee you that!

If you ever get a chance to upgrade your computer to a Mac you definately should.  They rock!!  I’m currently updating this on a wifi connection that the computer found out there floating around in the air.  That’s very nice.  If I’m able to keep using this connection perhaps I’ll be able to move the computer room away from the required cord location.


4 responses to “Spring means new things right?

  1. So you laptop finally crapped out on ya ehh. Mine isn’t doing so hot either. I just uninstalled a few things such as skype, and that seems to have sped some things up. Not sure if they are directly related, but at least let me think that. hahaha. Don’t forget, spring also means BASEBALL!!!!! Get those boys outside and get a bat, ball, and or glove in their hands. If I come back and they can’t catch and throw, then I am going to be mighty dissappointed in you Matt. hahahaha. I can teach them the hitting aspect while I am there. 😉

  2. The boys seem to be more interested in soccer than baseball. Sign of the times I think. Baseball is so old school now, I guess.

  3. You had a crash-top too? Mine likes to give me a blue screen of death while working on word documents …which was great while in school…if I forgot to save frequently, everything tanked. 😛

    Good luck with the new machine! Hope it treats you better than the old one.

  4. I lurrv my Mac. Same as yours it looks like.

    Seriously. I’ll never go back if I can help it. Congrats on your new addition.

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