Food inflation

If you’ve been studying the news lately you’ve probably heard about how food prices are rising, and quickly. Wheat, corn, meat, eggs are all rising in prices. If you want to jump over to Sharon Astyk’s website she is in the midst of conducting a food storage/purchasing series which may help you out. 

The just of it? Buy in bulk, and buy low on the food chain. Instead of prepared cereal you buy oatmeal. Instead of bread you buy the ingrediants and make it yourself.  Sharon’s a great writer.  One of the best I’ve read, and of course I know so that makes me partial too. 

Us?  We’re getting there.  I’ve got bulk purchased rice which will last us a while.  I need more beans and flour, but I know just where to order them from.  If you need some info about local suppliers just check out my local chow tab. 

We recently brought home our yearly meat order too.  A half a pig and we shared a cow quarter with some friends.  That will last us at least a year.sta71020.jpg 


Eating locally, more healthy and less expensively is easy once you get the hang of a few things.   Summer’s coming up.  It’s a good time to start planning for your fruit and vegetable needs for the whole year.


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