Not a warm reception

Karl Rove recently came to the U of I and gave a speech.  His reception was less than warm.  I have to say I’m kind of proud of those kids for making a statement.I am pissed though that our institutions think that $40K is an OK amount to spend on a speaker.  That money could pay for 5 yearly tuitions.  I’m already pissed enough that they took our football games, for a team that is funded with my tax dollars, to a special TV channel that costs extra on the cable package.  How is that right?  I consider a lot of university events to be community events that should be available for all the tax payers in the state to use.  Sure, if I want to attend in person I should pay for that.  But to watch it on TV should be free.At least they haven’t taken over the radio yet.Another great example of the hubris that exists in our institutions of higher learning.  There aren’t too many “businesses” that price themselves out of a market, but these schools are on their way with their ridiculous tuition hikes each year.  Hey Presidents!  You need to run your business better and sometimes that means you tell people no when they bitch and moan for salary hikes or pension hikes or for more money for research. As for Rove?  That man should have to pay to speak around these parts, not get paid.  I love that two audience members tried to citizen arrest him for his acts while in the administration.  That’s great.   Speaking of overpaid, these schmucks are overpaid too.  They’re bitching about being paid $50K plus for a part time job?  Get lost.  That’s ridiculous.  The total salary for 3 people should have been split over 5, cut like that.  Not to mention, what the hell do these people do to deserve that big a salary?  Our government is such a mess. 


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