It’s deep out there.

I was just out in the backyard and man the snow is deep out there.  I haven’t been out there all winter.  It has certainly drifted in many places, easily up to my knee.

Soon though it will be nice out there.  Soon I’ll be able to plant.

Oh, none of you will think less of me if I tell you I shoveled a garden bed, or two, while I was out there, will you?  You know, just in case it helps the ground get soft sooner.

I’m going to install a cold frame this week too.  I needed a place for that.  That’s why I was shoveling the snow off the garden.  Really. 


2 responses to “It’s deep out there.

  1. I don’t think poorly of you for shoveling a garden bed. I’ve been considering doing the same thing myself.

    Snow … bah!

    You know it’s been a long winter when you see a patch of grass and get excited ;).

  2. Think bad of you? Never!! Up in the area of the Great White North I call home, people are beginning to shovel out their yards, its the only way we see grass before the end of may. I applaud your ambitious resolve!

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