The new face of farming

The NYT has an interesting article about the new face of farming, and how organic prices are allowing that face to be younger and younger as more and more young people “go back to the land”.


One response to “The new face of farming

  1. They mentioned the Broadturn Road Farm, which is, like, five miles from my house! That was cool! I’ve met Stacy and John … and their little baby.

    I’m pleased to see young people getting “back to the land.” I actually know a lot of young people who would have been Yuppies in the 80’s, but have chosen a more rural life for themselves. I’m thankful to Pollan for “glamorizing” the farm life, and I hope more young people will see the real value in farming – not just the money. Anyway, in my opinion, knowing how to raise food is going to be the key in the future.

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