Book update

I thought I would take a second to update you all on my book adventures. The year is a quarter of the way over and here is my list of books I’ve read so far this year, along with a few quick thoughts.

Books read in 2008

The Hobbit-Tolkien

Better Home and Gardens Kitchen Planner

Main Street-Sinclair Lewis (very good)


Slaughterhouse 5

The Winter of our Discontent (excellent)

The Grapes of Wrath (excellent)

How to Grow more Vegetables (again)

Animal Farm

Crime and Punishment

The Green up Guide to Home Improvement

Spiritual Compass

The Davis Dynasty


Cell (Stephen King)

Tortilla Flat (Steinback)

Lord of the Flies

Wild Fermentation

Chicken Tractor

Raising Chickens: A Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens

Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck)

The Unvanquished (Faulkner) (good though it had an abrupt ending)

Prozac Nation

The Next Rodeo

Being Caribou (fantastic)

A Guide to Building Community in America

A Handmade World (Kunstler) (very good)

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Independence (something like that)

The Poisonwood Bible (excellent)

Currently reading

Sustainable Ethanol

The Sound and the Fury

The Transition Handbook

War and Peace

I’m really enjoying this challenge I’ve given myself. I look forward to continuing it for the rest of this year and more years going forward.


3 responses to “Book update

  1. You read WAY too much. I think it is funny that I live with you and don’t even notice you reading these books????

  2. cleanerplateclub

    Did you like Wild Fermentation? I keep noticing it, thinking I would like it.

    My reading these days consists of obsessive following of the democratic primaries. Latest polling, the newest Hillary-excoriating op-ed. I just…can’t…stop….

  3. I thought Wild Fermentation was OK.
    I have a review on GG.

    I like Nourishing Traditions much better.

    It has all the fermentation info that Wild Fermentation has and much more.

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