The Future

I posted an article today over at GG about a group in Oakland that grows local, organic produce and distributes it to lower income people.

When I get done with my corporate gig I am so going to do this. I know some local CSAs are already trying to distribute some of their extra produce and having difficulty getting it done. I could start a non profit to take it all in and redistribute it. Not to mention that I could rent 3 or 4 of the city plots and grow a nice batch of the produce myself.

Talk about a great non profit initiative. I get to grow food, be involved with food and distribute it to needy people all at the same time! And I can even show people how to cook it too. Sweet!


4 responses to “The Future

  1. I’m IN!!!! This sounds like FUN!!!! I wonder if you could get Matthew 25 to help?

  2. Matt, you are totally amazing – what a great project!


  3. Matt,
    Sounds like a great idea. How do the CSA’s in the area distribute? I know up here, there are drop off sites at various co-ops, farmer’s markets, and members’ homes. Also, a lot of the CSA’s in our area are able to subsidize low-income shares (like 50%, thru MACSAC’s fund-raising — Partner Shares Assistance fund covers cost up-front to farm of choice and then family pays back PS over summer in installments, to total 50% of actual cost) to allow them to be a part of growing their own food. Also, some of the health insurance plans in the area offer benefits to members who join CSA’s – $100-200 cash back, which would be close to covering 40-50% for many shares in the area. Things to consider to encourage the Community portion of CSA’s. In terms of distribution, I know the farm I work with donates unused shares to a local shelter for them to incorporate into their meals…but think the farmer takes it there herself).

  4. Most of the CSAs around here either want you to come to the farm for your share or meet at a central drop off point. Well, for the two that we have here…

    The large one in the area is involved in getting their extra produce to needy people, and is in fact the main source I would get my contributions from, for this project.

    Good thing about this initiative, I’ve found some potential grants… yeah!

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