Garden pictures

This is what my front room looks like. It faces south. Many, many tomato plants growing. I wasn’t so sure they would survive the transplant process, but they are going gangbusters.

This is a picture of a few sprouts that are coming up in the cold frame.

This plant is growing in one of my beds. It’s about the biggest thing out there. I don’t keep good records, really, so I don’t know if this is something I planted or if it’s something growing on it’s own. It’s a strange reddish color which isn’t like most things I plant…but it’s growing so I’m claiming it, for now.

If you look really closely you can see one of the ducks that like to inhabit our pool before it gets opened up for the summer. They come every spring. It’s Tilly and Tally. They are actually quite useful because they prowl around and find all the corn that’s left from the heating season. They love them some corn.


2 responses to “Garden pictures

  1. I’m showing the top picture to my wife, proof I’m not the only one who takes over a room for seedlings every spring!

  2. Kory-hopefully your house is bigger than ours is!!!! 🙂

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