Um, I think I’ll wait a little while to plant

This is a picture of the garden plot area.  If you count 4 posts back in the photo my plot is about 30 ft to the left of the 4th pole in this photo. You can just barely see the top of the post. Pretty far under water at this point.  The water is receding very quickly though so it may not take as long as you think to get in there, but for once it’s a good thing I’m over busy or I would have had all my taters and carrots already in the ground.

I was here Monday night and the water was up to about where my feet are in this picture, to give you an idea on how fast the water goes down after it comes up.


4 responses to “Um, I think I’ll wait a little while to plant

  1. Wow! That’s crazy!

    I already have my “taters and carrots” in. I think if this had happened to me I would have cried ;).

  2. whoah!

    are you in a flood zone or something? Is the ground completely impermeable?

  3. Normal yearly flooding for sure.

    Kory–This is a picture of my garden plot which is in the flood plain of the Cedar River. Occasionally our city planners are smart around here and they make floodplains into parks. When they flood, no one cares. No harm no foul, you know? Unfortunately not all places think like that.

    So as part of this part system they have garden plots available to rent. That’s what this is. It’s literally 20 yards from the river.

    Thankfully I have my plots in my backyard that I’m able to work in, otherwise I’d go crazy.

  4. solution: plant rice!

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