The Picture Through a Tiny Window

I’m sitting here in Portland, OR waiting for a connecting flight to Bend.  I’m taking my yearly flight to a destination in America to take some training for work.  They like us to go to different places around the country to experience different real estate markets in those cities, so I came west this year.  Last time I went to MIami, which was quite fun.

Everytime I take a trip like this I come home with a new appreciation of where I live.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind at home as I tried to get all the gardens ready for a week long abscene during this critical planting time.  Lucky for me the moons lined up for my plantings and I won’t miss anything while I’m gone.  I was forced to plant my corn a day before it’s best time, per the moon cycle, but I can live with that.

I can’t figure out why people willing give airlines their money.  The service sucks, the airports suck, the people you travel with are rude.  All around not much of a good time.  Why do people do it?  I guess so they can go see places that they would never see otherwise.  Personally, I think there’s plenty for us to explore around our homes if we would just look a little harder.  I tried to take this class closer to home but was encouraged to go see a different area of the country.  I almost went to Greenboro, NC, but this class in Bend worked out as a better time.  I think Greensboro was in August which is a tough time to be away from the garden.  Maybe next time.

The approach over Portland was interesting.  Being in corn country I’m accustom to monster spreads of farmland that are easy to distinguish.  But in Portland I noticed that a lot of the farms ringing the city appeared to be market farms with a very diverse array of plantings.  That would seem to jive with what I’ve ready about Portland’s local food scene.

I had a turbo prop out of Cedar Rapids today.  Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t think about anything else when I see one of those except the Indiana Jones movie where the Nazi guy gets his face eaten up by a turbo prop while Indy dives for cover.  That image has always stuck with me and I always think about it when I see a turbo prop.

I don’t know why I’m writing all this but I’m sitting in the airport,  enjoying wifi and I can’t really stand to read anymore.   Oh well.  I’m hoping Bend will have some interesting things to do this week.  We’ll see.


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