Independence Days update #2

Time for another update. I skipped a week because most of that week was spent in another state, so it’s kind of hard to do anything at your house when that’s going on.

1.) Plant something: I moved out the pepper and tomato plants, as well as planting some of the delicata squash and summer squash. I think that is all this time.

2.) Harvest something: Rhubarb is the only thing ready.

3.) Preserve something: Nope, nothing.

4.) Prep something: Nothing

5.) Cook something new: Nope

6.) Manage your reserves: I used up some of the remaining tomato puree, 3 bags of frozen strawberries and a bag of watermelon. Clearing up freezer space for more produce from the summer.

7.) Local food system: We got the planning finished for a small community garden in a low income area of town. It’s more of an educational garden for kids in this area, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to use it to introduce them to gardening and being more self sufficient for their food needs. We’ll see what develops. It’s part of the initiative though the Matthew 25 hub that a friend of mine started up. I don’t expect it will produce a ton of food, as it’s only 2 4×4 beds, but, it’s a start and over time I think we can work together to develop a larger community food program.

8.) Reduce waste: I don’t know what I’ve done out of the ordinary.

9.) Learn a new skill: I don’t think so.


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