Clothing Choices In An Iowa Spring

Below is a typical outfit of a 4 year old who dresses himself.  On this particular day it was 45 degrees out when we left the house.  I was able to talk him into adding the long sleeve shirt to his muscle shirt, which I think really completes the outfit.

I have so far been unsuccessful in implementing a minimum short temperature when the kids leave the house in the morning.  Sometimes they wear shorts when it’s mighty cold out.  Experience is the best teacher!

Here is the same child after playing with chalk all morning.

This little guy turns 4 on Friday.  He shares his birthday with D-Day and also the death of President Reagan.


6 responses to “Clothing Choices In An Iowa Spring

  1. My son just the other day put on a red v-neck sweater vest (no shirt underneath) with blue denim overalls.

    When we got to his swimming lessons, the lady at the front desk giggled, tried to suppress it, saw that I was smiling too, and let out one of those happy sighs that comes after a good laugh…

  2. merlotmudpies

    this is hysterical and i’m so glad we aren’t the only ones. my two-year-old is currently IN LOVE with a pair of his cousin’s sandals. he threw a fit his evening when he was not allowed to wear them to bed. i’ve let him wear them out for several days in a row now. oh — did i mention they are purple with flowers and butterflies all over them because this particular cousin is a girl? 🙂 yeah. well there you go.

  3. hahahaa, nice, I remember mom’s rule for shorts. 60 degrees in the morning and we could wear shorts to school. hahahhaaha. Did you hold onto Ethan’s gift? or did you let him have it when it got there?

  4. Kids are funny.

    Ben-I’ve been trying to get that rule implemented but it’s 3 against 1 right now, so no success.

    We kept E’s gift and he’ll open it on Friday. Zach loves his. He was playing with it in the bath tub that night.

  5. Wish E a HAPPY B-day!

  6. haha!! I miss Ethan.. well and Zach too! I am trying to figure out how I can get up there to visit, it will prolly be after the summertime, I have too much going on. I looked at Amtrak but they are just as expensive as driving. I think my favorite outfit that he has picked out so far was when he wore the overalls, polo shirt and cowboy boots.

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