I’ve Got Worms!

I combed through the worm castings tonight. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it, but I did. Last year I chickened out and just dumped the whole bucket on the compost pile. Today I actually dug through it and pulled out as many worms as I could.

This bucket is full about 2 inches deep across the whole thing. And worm castings are way stronger than compost. I’m anxious to get them on the tomatoes and the corn.


4 responses to “I’ve Got Worms!

  1. merlotmudpies

    isn’t it strange what bothers us and doesn’t? i have noooo issues with worm castings, i’ve found. i sort of feel like, “eh, dirt in, dirt out, just better.” but yeah the smell is…interesting. i’m jealous of your castings. i accidentally killed my worms while helping with my mother’s memorial service. they dried out at my plot and i haven’t had time to start another batch since.

  2. If you want to drop me your address I’ll mail you some worms to start up your bin again. Then you won’t have to pay for them again.

  3. merlotmudpies

    hey! thanks so much! i’ll send it along. any seeds you’re looking for? my collection isn’t huge but if you give me some categories i’ll let you know what i have.

  4. matt,

    you can use light and food to get them to go through a screen, seperating the worms from the castings without painstakingly sorting through worm poo. withhold food for a few days and then dump the contents of the bin on a screen. place it above some food scraps they like and set it in such a way that it is bright above the screen and dark down below where the food is. the worms will migrate in that direction.

    of course by bright i don’t mean full sun. you don’t want to cook the little guys/gals.

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