An Unwelcome Visitor

I was looking over the garden plot the other day during my lunch break and noticed that the potato plants appear to have Colorado Potato Beetles on them.  This is the first time I’ve seen them, so it could be the false beetle, but either way I guess they’ll have to die.  The strange things is that I haven’t had any of them on my potato plants at home in the past few years.  I don’t know if it’s because my backyard is more diverse than the garden plot, as far as welcoming more pest control bugs, or if it just hasn’t been there long enough for them to find the plants, but either way this is an interesting challenge.  It appears my best option is to shake them off the plants into a bowl of water, which is also what I do with Japanese beetles.

In other news, I purchased a couple CDs online which I downloaded and then burned them onto CDs.  First time I’ve ever burned a CD.  I know, I’m with the times.  CD burning has only existed for what, like 10 years or so?  I suppose in 10 years or so I’ll be ready for an Ipod.

Things seem to be growing well so I’m anticipating the harvests.  I harvested a bunch of lettuce tonight which should last us all week.  I’m really enjoying salads now that I’m eating greens with actual flavor, not just iceberg/head lettuce.  Unless something really bad happens, I should end up with about 18-20 broccoli plants.  That should easily supply our winter needs, along with our fresh needs.  That was a welcome surprise.

Some interesting gardening related news stories.

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