The city is under serious strain from all the rain. I bagged up sand for the last two days, and boy are my arms tired. ba dum dum
It’s strange how vicious mother nature has been this year. Tons of snow this winter and now tons of rain. We haven’t had a lot of sunshine yet this spring. Is it possible that this is part of the wild weather patterns that have been mentioned as part of global warming?
Follow this link to see a map of how much of the city is being evacuated. They are evacuating to the 500 year flood level. A lot of the area evacuated is the commercial district, but it will still be quite a few homes. One of the most depressing things to me is that the downtown area was just starting to come back and be alive and this will kill all those small businesses, bars and restaurants. Exactly what we did not need down there.
If you are so interested, I live just to the North of Mount Mercy College on the map. Basically at the corner of 29th St and Eastern.
Update: I wasn’t that pleased with this effort so I am adding a few things…
The worst thing, to me, about sandbagging was that I lost one of my shovels. It wasn’t worth that much, and it was partly broken, but it was one that my Grandpa had given me. I imagine it’s one he had for a while or found pieces for and put back together. But, it was still important to me and I’m sad to see it go. I’m guessing someone snagged it thinking it was theirs, or I just couldn’t find it when I was looking for it. I should have kept it closer to home.
Along the same lines I have a pitchfork that was my wife’s grandfather’s fathers. Got that? It’s well built and I’m going to make sure to keep that thing close to me. Just looking at the handle I can tell it’s been mighty used in it’s lifetime.
Also, from what I can count (and it’s very foggy) the groups I worked with filled up somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 pallets with sandbags. They said we could get 50-75 bags on a pallet. We shoveled a lot of sand…
I felt a great sense of community spirit doing this whole thing. It was hard work, but we were all there to help others. Most of the people bagging up sand didn’t even need any sandbags for their own house, they just wanted to help others. It was a nice experience.
I’m also going to push for some type of community service program. I really think the schools should require each student to do a specific amount of community service to get outside their normal shell. I heard plenty of people at work rant about how they couldn’t get their kids off the couch to help with this, and all I could think of was that somehow I’m going to make sure that isn’t my kids. Perhaps we’ll institute a Mayer family community program for a certain amount of hours per year. Either way, kids in high school should be required to complete some kind of community service before they graduate. Both to get a better sense of their community, feel like more a part of the community and also so they can see parts of the world they would never see. So many of the “well of” kids in our town never see the people who need a little help once in a while, except when they see the news or drive through specific areas.

4 responses to “Bagman

  1. Glad to hear you’re not under direct threat of flood. Was thinking about you today – sorry to send all this mess on down river to you!

  2. Kids in my local high school are required to do 12 hours of community service before they can graduate, and next year’s Freshman class will have to do 20. I agree, it’s a good idea.

    I’m so sorry to hear about the flooding – not good stuff.

    But glad to hear you’re being proactive.

    We’ll be thinking about you and wishing the best and an end to the deluge soon ;).

  3. I agree with Wendy, I believe, Matthew, you had to do 12 or 16 hours of community service to graduate, also. I think it is a wonderful idea and should be implemented at all high schools.

  4. Sorry to hear about the shovel. Leave the fork at home. Next time take the boys plastic garden tools!!

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