Cedar Rapids Flooding

It appears from the news reports that the river has crested and has started to decline.

We are now expecting to have water shortages for 3 weeks.

I-380 south of town has been closed by overloaded lakes that are flooding the highway.  I THINK (not sure) Hwy 30 is the only way to get out of the city to the south, east or west.  I-380 going north is still open.

Current estimate is about $800M in damages in the downtown area.  483 blocks affected.  25K people evacuated out of a population of 120K.  About 20%.  I was closer than I thought I guess.

Our basement has started to dry out, but now of course we can’t go anywhere now.

Current estimate for when the river will get back to the 1993 flood stage (20 ft level) is Wednesday.  That’s still 8 ft over flood stage.

Iowa City and Coralville are getting absolutely pounded.  My opinion is that their flooding will be much worse, only they’ve had more warning about the levels and can get evacuated more thoroughly.

Ka-Bar at MEOW mentioned that the prices of corn are already rising reflecting all the flooded fields.  The Governor seems to agree with that idea.  He mentioned in a press conference that every single field he’s flown over in the past few days has been flooded.  We’ll see what that means for corn prices and food supplies.


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